Guidelines for completing Application Form

Services SETA 2024-25 Discretionary Grant Application Form

Important information for all applicants
1. Please read this form carefully for guidance on the relevant parts or aspects to complete.
2. The Services SETA 2024/25 Discretionary Grant application opens on 27 March 2024 at 8:00 AM and will close on the 30 April 2024 at 4:00 PM
3. On completion of section 1, a unique id will be genereted as your application reference.
4. Applicants should use their unique ID every time they log on to the site. Through the unique ID all application information can be collated into a single submission, particularly when the form is being completed in stages over a period of time.
5. Any business branch that is not a legal entity in its own right, may not make the application. All applications must be processed by the applicant’s legal entity (Head Office), i.e., all applications must be made by Head Office on behalf of the branch office(s).
6. Where the applicant is a legal entity in its own right (such as a Franchise, holding company, subsidiary etc.), they can apply directly for discretionary grant funding.
7. Applicants may only register once. In the instance where applicants have multiple references or IDs, only the application linked to the latest unique ID will be considered.
8. Applicants are urged to refer to the following documents in order to ensure absolute adherence to the compliance requirements and submission of the required information and documents: SSETA DG Policy, APP, SSP, Due Diligence requirements, Intervention Descriptions and Frequently Asked Questions.
9. Services SETA reserves the sole discretion to determine at any stage whether to proceed with or decline an application
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Structure and outline of the Discretionary Grant Application Form

The Services SETA Discretionary Grant Application form is made up of 2 sections which must be completed in full via the portal. Below are guidelines on the layout of the application form and requirements of each section:


Section 1: Applicant Information
Section 1 of the application form will ask for key documents pertaining to the statutory status of the legal entity. This includes documents such as a valid tax certificate, company registration documents, the ID copies of the directors, etc.
Form 1a_SSETA declaration of interests : Requires applicants to declare their interest (template provided)
Form 1b – Declaration of Authorised Person : Requires applicants to submit a resolution that the nominated person has been authorised to conduct business with Services SETA (The Declaration of Interest (Form 1a) and the Declaration of Authorised Person (Form 1b) must be signed by the same person) (template provided)
Applicants MUST adhere to all requirements stated in this section of the form. Applications will not be considered further if these requirements are not met.
Section 2: Project Details
Section 2 of the application form will ask for key information pertaining to the learning intervention under consideration.
Applicants must indicate in detail the qualifications being applied for. Proposed learner numbers by gender, race and disability are required.
Applicants must motivate for their proposed project taking into context Services SETA APP and transformational objectives